Procons Academy

Business Environment and Portfolio Management

Empower your journey in apparel through mastering portfolio dynamics!


Dive into a transformative journey through the dynamic world of apparel business management. Explore strategies to navigate intricate business environments and master the art of portfolio management for sustainable organizational growth. From market analysis to strategic decision-making, this course equips managers with essential skills to thrive in the competitive landscape of the apparel industry.

Course Details

Instructor Qualifications

MSc in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution (University of Moratuwa), BSc Eng (Hons) (UOM), PG Dip Str Analysis and Design (UOM), PMP (PMI-USA)



Target Audience


Course Duration & Times

2 hrs per week

Programme objectives

  • Provide an understanding of the apparel industry’s business environment and portfolio management principles.
  • Equip participants with practical skills for strategic planning and performance evaluation in the apparel sector.
  • Foster innovation and adaptability to maintain competitiveness within apparel organizations.
  • Promote ethical leadership and responsible management practices to ensure sustainability.

What you will learn...

  • Introduction to the apparel industry's business environment
  • Understanding industry trends and challenges
  • Introduction to portfolio management
  • Types of portfolios in the apparel industry
  • Strategic planning in the apparel industry
  • Aligning business goals with portfolio management
  • Financial management and budgeting for apparel portfolios
  • Performance measurement and evaluation
  • Innovation and product development in the apparel industry
  • Managing product portfolios effectively
  • Supply chain management in the apparel industry
  • Managing supply chain risks within portfolios
  • Marketing strategies for apparel portfolios
  • Brand management and positioning
  • Ethical considerations in apparel portfolio management
  • Future trends and opportunities in the industry

Learning outcomes

By the end of the training programme, participants will be able to

  • Understand the apparel industry thoroughly, including its business environment, trends, challenges, and portfolio management principles.
  • Develop strategic planning skills, financial management acumen, and performance evaluation expertise tailored for the apparel sector.
  • Foster innovation, adaptability, and market awareness within apparel organizations to maintain competitiveness and drive growth.
  • Navigate ethical considerations and uphold corporate responsibility standards in portfolio management practices, ensuring trust and sustainability.


Participants will be required to develop a comprehensive portfolio management plan tailored to a specific business environment scenario, demonstrating their understanding of strategic asset allocation and investment decision-making processes.

Upon successful completion, participants will receive an internationally recognized certificate. This includes both digital and printed copies.

*Successful completion entails achieving more than 50% in each assessment, with a minimum attendance of 80%.