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Project Planning using Microsoft project

Project Planning using Microsoft project Certified Course

Pro Consultancy International (Pvt) Ltd is an authorized training partner of Project Management Institute (PMI), USA. Therefore, our certifications add Professional Development Units (PDUs) of PMI, USA.

The Project Planning Using Microsoft Project course is designed to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to plan, oversee, and control projects using Microsoft Project’s powerful features and functionalities. This comprehensive course provides participants with hands-on training to create detailed project plans, monitor progress, allocate resources, and generate meaningful reports using the software. Throughout the course, participants will investigate the Microsoft Project tools and capabilities that facilitate project planning.

Course Details

Lecturer and Instructors

-Eng. Keith Jeyaraj
Assistant General Manager / Senior Planning Engineer Pro Consultancy International
M.Sc. in Project Management (Cardiff),
B.Sc. (Hons) in Civil Engineering

Course Duration & Times

12 Hours - 4 Sessions
From 7.00 pm-10.00 p.m Every Wednesday

Batch Number & Starting Date

Batch starts on 14th August - Wednesday

Eligibility Requirements

Anyone Interested learn about Project Planning using Microsoft project. It can be IT Field, Engineering Field and any other fields.

PMI Authorized Training Partner in sri lanka

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Course Content

  • In this course, you will learn how to create comprehensive project plans and schedules using Microsoft Project. This involves defining project scope, setting up tasks, assigning durations, and establishing dependencies among tasks.
  • Understanding task relationships (such as predecessor-successor relationships) is crucial for effective project planning. You will learn how to define and manage these relationships to ensure tasks are sequenced correctly.
  • Project plans often need adjustments due to changing circumstances. You'll discover how to update project plans by modifying task details, timelines, and dependencies. This skill is essential for keeping projects on track.
  • Effective resource management is a key aspect of project planning. This course will teach you how to allocate and manage resources (e.g., personnel, equipment, materials) to ensure that tasks are adequately staffed and resourced.
  • Communication is vital in project management. You'll learn how to generate project reports and dashboards in Microsoft Project to communicate project status, progress, and performance to stakeholders. Sharing these reports effectively keeps all parties informed.

Completed 15+ Batches

Internationally Valid Certification

12 PMI approved contact hours

Benefits on Participating this course

Efficient Project Planning:

You'll learn how to create detailed project plans and schedules, ensuring that tasks are well-organized, dependencies are managed effectively

Improved Task Management:

Understanding task relationships and dependencies is crucial for project success.

Real-Time Updates:

The course will teach you how to update project plans as circumstances change.

Effective Resource Management:

Proper resource allocation is essential for project success.