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Energy Management in Manufacturing Industry

Sustainability Starts Here: Spark Change, Save Energy!


Uncover how to significantly lower energy consumption and costs within the manufacturing sector through targeted strategies tailored for professionals in the apparel industry. Over four weeks, explore innovative approaches, practical techniques, and case studies to optimize energy management practices, enhancing sustainability efforts while boosting operational efficiency and profitability.

Course Details

Instructor Qualifications

M. Eng in Energy Technology (University of Moratuwa), B.Sc. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering (University of Peradeniya)



Target Audience


Programme objectives

  • Empower managers to pinpoint and mitigate energy waste efficiently.
  • Direct the implementation of tailored energy-saving strategies for tangible cost reductions.
  • Introduce advanced monitoring systems to fine-tune energy usage in real-time.
  • Instill a commitment to sustainable practices and ongoing improvement within manufacturing operations.

Course Duration & Times

2 hrs per week

What you will learn...

  • Introduction to Energy Management
  • Energy Auditing Techniques
  • Identifying Energy Hotspots in Manufacturing
  • Benchmarking Energy Performance
  • Energy-Efficient Equipment and Technologies
  • Process Optimization for Energy Savings
  • Behavioral Strategies for Energy Conservation
  • Integrating Renewable Energy Sources
  • Introduction to Energy Monitoring Systems
  • Data Analysis for Energy Efficiency
  • Real-time Monitoring and Control
  • Predictive Maintenance for Energy Optimization
  • Sustainable Manufacturing Practices
  • Life Cycle Assessment for Energy Management
  • Energy Management Standards and Certifications
  • Continuous Improvement Strategies for Long-term Energy Savings

Learning outcomes

By the end of the training programme, participants will be able to

  • Strategize energy management to reduce consumption and costs effectively. 
  • Implement diverse energy efficiency measures for substantial savings. 
  • Utilize advanced monitoring systems for real-time adjustments and data analysis. 
  • Foster sustainability and continuous improvement in energy practices.


Measures proficiency in energy management strategies tailored to the manufacturing industry, incorporating analysis of energy consumption data, implementation of efficiency measures, and identification of sustainable practices. 



Upon successful completion, participants will receive an internationally recognized certificate. This includes both digital and printed copies.


*Successful completion entails achieving more than 50% in each assessment, with a minimum attendance of 80%.