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Foundational Course in Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing Sector

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Master the art of mind mapping to enhance strategic thinking and information management. This course empowers executives to structure thoughts and data effectively, optimizing decision-making in a competitive industry. Learn to visualize complex information, enabling quicker and more accurate analyses vital for maintaining an edge in the fast-paced apparel sector.

Course Details

Instructor Qualifications

Lecturer, University of Moratuwa B.Sc.(Hons) in IT , M.Sc. by Research on Haptics in Metaverse ( Reading)



Target Audience


Programme objectives

  • Understand employment law fundamentals and contract implications.
  • Address workplace discrimination and harassment in compliance with legal standards.
  • Manage employee performance and ensure workplace safety within legal frameworks.
  • Navigate collective bargaining and adapt to emerging labor law challenges, including technology.

Course Duration & Times

2 hrs per week

What you will learn...

  • Overview of employment law fundamentals
  • Understanding the legal framework governing labor relations
  • Types of employment contracts and their legal implications
  • Essential clauses in employment agreements
  • Recognizing forms of workplace discrimination and harassment
  • Legal obligations to prevent and address discrimination and harassment
  • Understanding employee rights under labor laws
  • Obligations of employers towards employee safety and health
  • Legal considerations in managing employee performance
  • Establishing performance standards and conducting evaluations
  • Overview of occupational health and safety regulations
  • Duties of employers and employees in ensuring workplace safety
  • Understanding collective bargaining rights and obligations
  • Negotiating and administering collective agreements
  • Addressing contemporary challenges in labor law compliance
  • Impact of technological advancements on employment practices

Learning outcomes

By the end of the training programme, participants will be able to

  • Understand employment law fundamentals, including contracts and labor relations. 
  • Recognize and address workplace discrimination and harassment legally. 
  • Manage employee performance and ensure workplace safety within legal parameters.
  • Navigate collective bargaining and adapt to evolving labor law challenges, including technological advancements. 


Participants will be tasked with creating a scenario-based assessment where managers must apply labor laws to various workplace situations, evaluating their understanding and ability to implement legal compliance effectively.

Upon successful completion, participants will receive an internationally recognized certificate. This includes both digital and printed copies.

*Successful completion entails achieving more than 50% in each assessment, with a minimum attendance of 80%.