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Quality management in apparel industry

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Discover essential strategies to enhance product quality and elevate consumer satisfaction within the dynamic realm of the apparel industry. Through this comprehensive course, explore proven methodologies and best practices and gain invaluable insights into quality management frameworks, implementation techniques, and industry-specific challenges to effectively drive excellence and competitiveness in today’s market landscape.

Course Details

Instructor Qualifications

Master of Textile (North Carolina

State University),

Bachelor Of Science (UOC), 



Target Audience


Programme objectives

  • Equip managers with essential quality management principles.
  • Enable implementation of effective quality control measures.
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement in product quality.
  • Enhance organizational quality performance for consumer satisfaction.

Course Duration & Times

2 hrs per week

What you will learn...

  • Introduction to Quality Management Systems
  • Overview of Quality Standards and Regulations
  • Quality Control vs. Quality Assurance
  • Importance of Quality Management in Apparel Industry
  • Establishing Quality Objectives and Metrics
  • Developing a Quality Management Plan
  • Process Improvement Techniques (e.g., Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing)
  • Implementing Quality Control Measures in Apparel Manufacturing
  • Quality Inspection Methods and Tools
  • Supplier Quality Management
  • Defect Prevention Strategies
  • Root Cause Analysis in Apparel Industry
  • Implementing Feedback Loops for Continuous Improvement
  • Addressing Consumer Feedback and Complaints
  • Quality Audits and Compliance
  • Building a Culture of Quality Excellence in Apparel Organizations

Learning outcomes

By the end of the training programme, participants will be able to

  • Understand and apply quality management principles in the apparel industry.
  • Implement effective quality control measures and process improvement techniques. 
  • Ensure product quality through inspection, defect prevention, and consumer feedback.
  • Evaluate and enhance organizational quality performance for sustained excellence. 


Evaluates individuals’ knowledge of quality management principles and their application within the apparel industry, including practical case studies and industry-specific challenges.


Upon successful completion, participants will receive an internationally recognized certificate. This includes both digital and printed copies.


*Successful completion entails achieving more than 50% in each assessment, with a minimum attendance of 80%.