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Brand Marketing

Brand marketing promotes your products or services in a way that highlights your overall brand. The purpose of brand marketing is to connect your identity, values, and personality with effective personalised brand communication to your audience. Basically, your brand is the bridge between your product and your customer. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best examples of brand marketing from top global brands and discuss how to get tips from them as you develop your own brand marketing strategies. And also cover what to do and what to avoid with brand marketing to ensure the success of your strategy. A brand can be defined as a set of tactile and intangible qualities designed to create awareness and identity and to build the reputation of a product, service, person, place, or organisation. The objective of branding strategy is to create brands that are differentiated from the competition, thereby reducing the number of perceived substitutes in the marketplace, increasing price elasticity, and improving profits. 

The power of brand

A brand covers all aspects of a business’s image, including packaging, customer touchpoints, and marketing communications. Establishing their names for businesses is important because consumers, knowingly or unknowingly, directly link a brand to a product. 

Market research Useful for Brand Marketing 

Branding requires effective market research to ensure that it meets the needs and requirements of their audience. Businesses need to do market research before they can use this information to understand their competitors’ brand and change their brand. 

Branding Is Important in Marketing 

Branding can be defined as a name, slogan, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of these elements. Today,Branding helps a company choose their target market competitively and achieve company expectations that see you as the sole provider of solutions to their problem or need.

A good brand will:  

  • Clearly deliver a message
  • Confirm the brand’s credibility in the marketplace
  • Emotionally connect target prospects with a product or service
  • Motivate the buyer to make a purchase
  • Create user loyalty

Difference between Branding and Marketing

Marketing is a strategy that businesses use to promote their businesses. Every business entity needs to understand such a strategy and how to employ it. Business sectors have been using marketing strategies. They even hire people who are good at marketing to help them market their products. it is important for businesses to understand the difference between branding and marketing so that they can be used effectively together. 

Marketing is the process by which companies build awareness of their brand and its products and generate sales, while branding is the way companies express their business foe and what it is for.

Marketing as a business-generated toolkit and branding as a holistic approach to reaching your target audience. The brand is one of the basic building blocks of your marketing strategy.

For example KFC, their branding would be the “secret herbs and spices” and their marketing would be everything they do to get their customers excited with their products.It’s important to work out who your business is as a brand before you create a marketing plan.


The final result of Brand Marketing

There are businesses out there competing with brand marketing. It works best if your goal is to create repurchasers or engage with long-term buyers. The reason for this is that a clear brand creates recognition and triggers a clear sense of what will last forever with the company audience. Apple, McDonald’s, and Nike are three brands that almost anybody in the world will recognize. How did they reach this point? Effective brand marketing!


Article By – Hashini Poornima

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